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Patient Participation Group 2011-12

Patient Survey 2011/12

Patient Reference Group Report

1. Profile of Practice

Practice Population Summary

Practice Population Summary

Text from above image:

0 to 9yrs - 12%
10 to 19yrs - 13%
20 to 29yrs - 15%
30 to 39yrs - 15%
40 to 49yrs - 17%
50 to 59yrs - 11%
60 to 69yrs - 8%
70 to 79yrs - 5%
80+ yrs - 4%

PRG profile

Male/Female Age Ethnicity Regularly Visit Practice Y/N
Male 60 + Asian N (member of staff)
Female 40+ British N (member of staff)
Female 70+ British Y
Male 50+ British Y
Male 70+ British Y
Female 80+ British Y

2. Process Used to Recruit to our PRG

A randomly selected sample of patients were contacted by letter giving them information regarding the purpose of setting up this group and invited to join.

3. Priorities of the Survey and How These Were Agreed

The PRG were given 3 questionnaires which were drawn from various sources (PGAQ, National Primary Care Research and Development Centre, Practice Management website). The group met to discuss the best questionnaire to take forward.

It was agreed that the questionnaire from the Practice Management website was most suitable as it covered the following priorities that were important to the PRG. These were:

  • Telephone answering
  • Appointments
  • Choice of doctors
  • Home visits
  • Out of Hours service
  • Prescriptions (ordering and collection)
  • Results
  • Reception staff

4. Methods and Results of the Patient Survey

The questionnaire was provided in paper form and given out to 100 patients who attended the surgery in the first week of February ’12. 100 surveys were completed.

See below for survey results.

5. Resulting Action Plan

The practice discussed the results of the survey on the 27th February 2012. Following this, the results were presented and discussed with the PRG on 6th March 2012. An action plan was agreed at this meeting.

6. Action Plan

Telephone Answering – the practice would endeavour to answer the phones within 5 rings.

Home Visits – These will be offered on a daily basis if requested before 11am. This information will be publicised in the reception area so that all patients are aware of this criteria.

Doctor of Choice – Patients requested that they should be able to see the doctor of their choice whenever requested. This will not always be possible because of the number of part-time doctors in the practice.

Opportunity to Speak to a Doctor/Nurse on the Telephone when Necessary – patients requested that they should have access to doctors and nurses by telephone when necessary

Checking-in with Reception – The self check-in facility in the waiting area will be updated, following feedback from patients that it did not always work.

7. Progress made with Action Plan

Telephone Answering
You said – 6% of patients reported that telephones were not answered speedily.
We did – We agreed to endeavour to answer the phones in 5 rings. The practice manager will meet with all reception staff to inform them of this action and that this will be reviewed in 6 months time.
The result is – TBA.

Home Visits
You said – 25% of patients felt that the opportunity of home visits was fair or poor.
We did – we will offer home visits if they are requested before 11am and this information will be made known to patients via notices in the reception area.
The result is – See ‘We did’.

Doctor of Choice
You said – 14% of patients reported that they had not been able to see the doctor of their choice.
We did – It was felt that this was not an area that could be addressed due to the number of part-time doctors in the surgery.
The result is – No action.

Opportunity to Speak to a Doctor/Nurse on the Telephone when Necessary
You said -19% of patients reported that this service was fair or poor.
We did – Half an hour after surgery will be made available for telephone consultations when required.
The result is – See ‘We did’.

Checking in with Reception
You said – 3% of patients reported that they were not satisfied with this facility.
We did – The self check-in facility will be updated soon by the PCT IT Team.
The result is – TBA.

Click here to download our patient reference group report

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